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Light Up The Moment With BIC

An integrated campaign aimed to inspire and enable South Africans to light up their special moments with BIC Lighters and differentiate by shifting the brand to an emotive space in a very functional category. The campaign leveraged the expertise of South African celebrity chef Benny Masekwameng to connect with consumers and drive engagement through fire-starting and food.


Strategy, Video Production, Social Media, UX, Art Direction, In-Store POS


BIC Lighters





The fire-starting category is predominately driven by functional product attributes, making it difficult for market players to establish brand differentiation. Today, consumers tend to value moments over physical goods and seek meaningful experiences instead.



We aimed to differentiate BIC Lighters in the fire-starting category by tapping into the brand's ability to inspire memorable moments and enjoyable experiences and enhance these experiences while extending the brand into new usage occasions.


Fire, Food and Fun

The campaign was fully integrated and ran across in-store and digital touch-points. We created engaging and informative bite-sized videos featuring Chef Benny giving viewers unique tips, tricks and tutorials to braai on a budget. The campaign also involved a consumer competition that encouraged consumers to share their own braai recipes and tips. This tactic garnered significant engagement for the brand online and in-store. As a spinoff from this campaign, we collected user-generated content from the competition and developed a braai recipe book that featured recipes and tips from consumers and Chef Benny. The book is available is for free download on BIC's website.


To learn more about the BIC Braai Recipe Book project, click the button below.

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