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BIC Ultimate Braai Recipe Book

A recipe book featuring bespoke braai recipes, tips and hacks by celebrity Chef Benny Masekwameng, the brand ambassador for BIC's fire-starting category, as well as user-generated content contributed by BIC's online community.


Art Direction, Print, Copywriting


BIC Lighters





Consumers have a strong affinity to brands they can relate to and connect to on a personal level. Research shows that using user-generated content to promote products raises the trust and credibility of a brand and influences buying decisions.



By allowing the ordinary braai-loving South African to have their own home-spun recipes sitting alongside those of a celebrated chef in a beautifully designed and curated recipe book, we handed the ‘braai master’ mantle over to BIC’s online community. 


BIC, Braai & Benny

Alongside signature braai recipes from celebrity Chef, Benny, we curated the best user-generated braai recipes, tips and hacks received from BIC's online community to create the BIC Ultimate Braai Recipe Book. The beautifully designed book is available for download for free online, and on occasion, printed versions are incentivised to some of BIC's top fans!

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