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Pick 'n Pay Price Busters

A 360º integrated campaign that focused on driving shopper engagement for Pick n Pay in Botswana and eSwatini. 


Strategy, Social Media, Design


Pick n Pay




Weakened economies, unpopular politicking and poor governance left Africans in frustration and worry. Amidst all the negativity at the time, Africans were eagerly waiting for brands, institutions and the powers-that-be to bring some fun and cheerfulness into their lives, and the last thing they needed to worry about is high prices or worrisome shopping.


We aimed to make life better and make shopping more enjoyable for consumers so they would have one less thing to worry about and something to be excited about. We achieved this by uplifting the brand and embracing local culture - making Pick n Pay a “Hero” for consumers. A “Hero” that will bust down high prices “for the people” and add some fun for Pick n Pay shoppers.

360º Integrated Campaign

The campaign was implemented across TV, Radio, Social Media and In-Store. Price Busters aggressively drove Pick n Pay's low price promotional period and consumer competition, which in turn resulted in increased sales and positioned the brand as the retailer of choice. 

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