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Nimue Product Tutorials

A series videos to help consumers understand the scientific benefits of Nimue’s product range and how to use them while making the brand more relatable and accessible.


Video Production, Motion Graphics, Copywriting


Ascendis Health





Consumers want to be free from the anxiety and burden caused by their skin issues. They are wary of empty promises and seemingly unrealistic claims, not knowing how to make the correct purchase decisions in the specialist skincare market.



Tailoring a visual treatment that inspires consumer aspiration without being unattainable, while clearly demonstrating product attributes and usage in a clear and simple manner through short educational product tutorial videos.

Nimue - Cleansing Gel
Nimue - Moisturisers
Nimue - Conditioner
Nimue Hyaluronic UltraFiller Serum
Nimue -  Sun-C Environmental Shield SPF 50
Nimue - Exfoliating Enzyme
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