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BIC Afrilights

The all-new BIC Afrilights range of pocket lighters is inspired by Africa and designed by the people of Africa. The lighters feature the beautiful landscapes of South Africa and its rich and colourful culture, art and wildlife.


Strategy, Social Media, Product Design, Art Direction


BIC Lighters





Celebrating the new, the bold and the empowered in Africa. For Africans By Africans. African Pride and Afrofuturism are trends that are shaping the retail arena locally and globally.



Create a pocket lighter series “Designed by Africa, for Africa” to create brand relevance to local culture and tradition, and be a part of the heritage that forms the beating heart of Afrofuturism.


Designed By Africa

The initial phase of the BIC Afrilights campaign was primarily driven through digital channels. Consumers were able to design their own BIC lighter through an interactive web-based platform using a 3D engine. The best designs were selected to create the BIC Afrilights pocket lighter range. In 2020, we created our second BIC Afrilights range, this initiative will continue into the future for BIC and has become a valuable brand asset.